Introduce your ears to a new level of audio quality with the Digifon Boom Air Hi-Fi SE True Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds are designed for both Android and iOS devices, making them compatible with any of your devices. Equipped with Bluetooth version 5.3, these earbuds offer faster and larger data transfer, strong signal and low power consumption.

The advanced chipset technology provides better audio quality and a standby time of 50 hours, ensuring your earbuds will last for 50 hours of standby playtime/talk time. The charging case, with a powerful 300mAh battery, can charge the earbuds four times over. When fully charged, the earbuds can last up to 4.5 hours of talk/play time and with its quick charging feature, the earbuds and charging case will be ready to use in no time.

The earbuds feature a long-range connection, connecting to any desired device from a distance of 10 meters. The intelligent Bluetooth pairing feature allows for automatic pairing, making it easy to connect to your devices. The earbuds also come with active noise cancellation and immersive sound, making your listening experience more enjoyable. The earbuds are dust and sweat proof, making them perfect for any activity. The product comes with a 6-months warranty. Upgrade your audio experience with the Digifon Boom Air Hi-Fi SE True Wireless Earbuds.

Additionally, the earbuds are designed for a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring they stay in place during any activity. They also come with touch controls, allowing you to easily control your music and calls. The earbuds also feature a built-in microphone, allowing for clear and hands-free calls. The sleek and stylish design of the earbuds, available in black and white, adds a touch of elegance to your personal style.

The charging case is also designed for convenience and portability. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, making it easy to take with you on the go. The case also comes with LED indicators, allowing you to easily check the charging status of your earbuds.

The Digifon Boom Air Hi-Fi SE True Wireless Earbuds are the perfect addition to your audio collection, providing high-quality sound, convenience and durability. The earbuds come with all the features you need to have a great audio experience and are perfect for those who are looking for a wireless earbuds with a good battery life and advanced features. Upgrade your audio experience today with the Digifon Boom Air Hi-Fi SE True Wireless Earbuds!



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